Defender of Earth

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“An epically geeky journey of parodies and hilarity.  Arrowsmith astounds with an ability to capture a diverse range of characters with their mannerisms, voices and actions nailed, and if that isn’t enough, the script furnishes these many characters with sharply written and memorable one-liners.”

-Three Weeks

“Featuring somewhere in the region of 50 exquisitely drawn characters, Defender of Earth is an impressive calling card for Gemma Arrowsmith’s acting prowess.”


“Arrowsmith’s sketches were silly, snide and tender in just the right mix — she’s a consummate performer, and showcases a wide command of accents, age ranges, and indeed species.”

-London is Funny

Defender of Earth was my 2012 Edinburgh Fringe show.  You can watch the full show here;


Gemma Arrowsmith: Defender of Earth
Edinburgh Fringe
4-25 August 2012

Le Monde | Venue 47 | 16 George Street, EH2 2PF

Witty, geeky and engaging. You really couldn’t ask for more.  ★★★★

Beyond nerdy and ingeniously funny. ★★★★
-The List

Brimming with originality and endlessly clever. ★★★★★
-Fringe Review

Here’s a teaser for the show…

What would you say to save mankind from obliteration?  You’ll probably never have to think about it. But Lucy Raven did.

Lucy is ordinary.  She has an ordinary job, an ordinary life and very ordinary hair.  But Lucy Raven is probably the most important human being who ever existed.  She doesn’t know it yet but she’s about to save the world.

Join comedian and actor Gemma Arrowsmith (Charlie Brooker’s How TV Ruined Your Life, Vic Reeves’ Ministry of Curious Stuff, half of Mould & Arrowsmith) as she introduces us to Lucy and a host of other characters in an hour that could mean the destruction of mankind.


More info on the venue here; Le Monde (Venue 47)

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