Mould & Arrowsmith

“My goodness this is a fun show. Witty, geeky and engrossing. You really couldn’t ask for more.”  ★★★★

– Chortle

“Brimming with originality and endlessly clever, these sketches are riotously funny from start to finish… this show is a sure-fire hour of laughter.” ★★★★★

– Fringe Review

“A must for anyone who loves comedy for comedy’s sake” ★★★★★

– UK Theatre Network

“Beyond nerdy, yet playful and ingeniously funny… far more entertaining than they have any right to be.” ★★★★

– The List

redandgreenSteve Mould and I met in 2006 when we both worked on Newsrevue, the world’s longest running sketch show.

In 2007 we wrote a show called Field Study, along with Jess Ransom which we took to the Edinburgh Fringe.

After that we became Mould & Arrowsmith and took a trilogy of geeky sketch shows to the Edinburgh Fringe.  They were;



  • Mould & Arrowsmith: A Sketch Show in PowerPoint (2008) Pleasance Attic
  • Mould & Arrowsmith’s Inventions (2009) Pleasance JackDome
  • Mould & Arrowsmith in 3D (2010) Pleasance BabyGrand

Also in 2010, we were commissioned by a group called MediaBox, to write 44 sketches for an online How To guide.  The results are here.


More of our videos can be found here


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