In 2012, after returning from the Edinburgh Fringe, I started posting videos from the show online.  I just recorded them in my flat for fun.  One was retweeted by a bunch of people and was seen overnight by ten times the number of people who had seen my entire run in Edinburgh.

That’s when I decided to take a year off from the Edinburgh Fringe and focus on Sketches in My Flat.  Three years later it’s still going.

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Sketches in My Flat

I also run a smaller channel for Darren sketches.  He’s 8 years old and has an IQ of 147.

Some videos of my live work.

Sketches with Tom Golding and Thomas Nelstrop

Sketches with Steve Mould

Sketches Steve and I wrote for Media Box

CBBC videos

Sketches in My Flat Halloween specials

I’m a bit too long-winded for 6 seconds. But I have couple of Vines here…